Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Cami & Camo Cover (1)

Cami and Camo? Who are they? They both are icons of a Family Council Mosque in Senior High School of 3 Bandung. Camo and Cami are sibling. Camo is the older brother and Cami is a younger sister.

Camo is a boy who bit lazy and not a type of person who negligently. But he's a smart student and easy to socialize.

When Cami is a mischievous little girl, cheerful, and playful. But when she is needed by anyone to be a place of outpouring of hearts, Cami can be a wise woman.

They are both very interested to learn a lot more knowledge about Islam. They therefore active as a member of Family Council Mosque at his school.

Their life is so dynamic and is a reflection of what it is from two students who are still innocent, until finally a lot of jokes between their life. Hopefully this comic could represent a lot of wisdom for high school students.

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